Facing challenges in Cyber Security? We can help

Supporting small and mid size organizations to improve their cyber security posture.

The increase of cyberthreats from both internal and external sources has put in risk government agencies, particular at the federal level, to implement strong architectures. Cyber is ingrained in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, and our portfolio suppots the agencies in defending enterprise IT networks, enterprise applications, and State and Federal platforms.



Security Analytics

As partner of Micro Focus, ITnova now provices ArcSight services and products. ArcSight Investigate 2.0 provides built-in security analytics. ITnova's or Government's security analysts can identify unknown threats quickly and easily. More information here

ArcSight Data Platform

ArcSight Data Platform version 2.2 brings options that improve manageability and scalability, with an enhanced Logger UI. ITnova can help your agency with resources or implementation of ADP. More information here

COBOL Data Connections

Micro Focus Database Connectors™ are designed to simplify the transition from traditional COBOL data files to relational database management systems. Manually modifying COBOL source code to use SQL syntax is both time consuming and complex. Database Connectors solve this challenge by automatically translating the existing data file syntax within COBOL source code, into SQL instructions operating against a modern relational database. This approach removes the need for any application rewrite and delivers a bridge between RDBMS and COBOL applications—a proven approach to data modernization.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Fortify Static Code Analyzer identifies security vulnerabilities in your source code early in the software development lifecycle and provides best practices so developers can code more securely.


  • Risk Management Assesment

  • We develop and support the implementation of your Security Plan to be compliant with DFARS 800-171.

  • Vulnerability Analysis

  • SIEM Implementation

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