ITnova becomes partner of RES

RES is leader in Identification and access management. RES provides a great suite of innovative products for Identity assess management that enables and securse the workforce, increases productivity, and integrates seamless with current government platforms such us Microsoft, Citrix, and WMWare.

Proud to announce that ITnova has graduated from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program '16 Participant

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program has selected ITnova as one of the 80 companies nationwide to be a 2016 Participant for the elite 6 week program focused on scaling excellence!
About Stanford University and LBAN Collaboration LBAN and Stanford University collaborate on programs for Latino Entrepreneurs including the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) and the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program. LBAN endeavors to make America stronger by empowering Latino entrepreneurs to grow large businesses through entrepreneurship research, education, and networks. The ultimate goal is to double the number of $10+ million Latino-owned businesses by 2020.

ITnova SmartCeo 2016 Winner for Anne Arundel County

Location, Location: ITnova, LLC owes its existence to the Anne Arundel Community College incubator program, but that’s not the only reason the business has stayed true to the Annapolis region. “Annapolis is a central and strategic location, providing reach into both the Baltimore and DC areas,” says Sandra Carolina Seldes, CEO of ITnova. “The second reason is the community’s business culture. The Anne Arundel County business community truly tries to support one another, with no internal agendas.”

QUICK TIP: “Not every customer, not every employee, not every partner would be the best fit for you, and that is okay. As long as you are upfront and transparent, you can establish quality, long-lasting relationships.”

Giving and Receiving: Several local organizations, including the Chesapeake Innovation Center and the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, provided help to ITnova in its early days. In turn, ITnova tries to stay local when spending money on business operations, business development or on its employees. The majority of its vendors are based in the area. ITnova also works closely with Launch! Annapolis, an organization that helps startups find resources and grow.

Lasting Impact: “Our main customers during the next 10 years will be the local, state and federal government,” says Seldes. “We expect to grow from 18 employees in 2016 to 300 employees in 2026. Our contribution in taxes to the state of Maryland will be over $3 million by the end of 2016. … Our community will be crucial in developing new projects to improve transportation and infrastructure systems in our area. We plan to be part of this development. Improving our infrastructure and transportation systems will allow us to attract new generations.”

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